2020 Whimsical Dog Calendar
that includes
Dog Holidays
by Suzanne Anderson
Inspirational Quotes,
Funny & Cute Characters!
Why You Want This
In a Nutshell, your dog wants this too!
  • Enjoy Suzanne's Art every month of the year
  • Be inspired by all the Quotes
  • Great gift for the holidays
  • Beautifully printed
  • ​Be in a Great Mood Everyday
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Never Forget a 
Dog Holiday Again!
See all the months below...
You won't find this 
One-of-a-Kind Calendar 
Anywhere! I guarantee it!
Now you'll know when 
"Bring Your Dog to Work Day" is and who can forget
"National Mutt Day"?! 
You'll just have to get yourself a calendar to see the rest!
Plus you'll have 14 pieces of Suzanne Anderson's
Whimsical Art!
Olivia from VA
"EXCELLENT, interesting, touching, fabulous, funny, heartwarming professional creative artist renderings of dogs & pets ,that will touch your heart, and soul!"
Hanna from NJ
"I love love love all of Suzanne’s prints and creations! They are so elegant and fun, and go with any style. You can feel the passion and thought in every piece. You’ll be sure to get compliments when you include her artwork in your life!"
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